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Network marketing is Teamwork
Network marketing is,
as far as I can see,
the most exciting way to do business.

You are constantly working together with people who all want the same and pursue the same objectives. What is so unique is that we are all colleagues and not competitors.

Are you a believer rathar than
a logical thinking individual?

In my opinion, MLM companies have a tendency to try to make you, as a distributor, to some kind of a believer, rather than a logical thinking person who can see the benefits of the company and its products. There are certainly exceptions, but it is undoubtedly common. It is in the nature of how activities such as training, etc. are conducted within MLM companies.
If it is the case that you have found that the products really are good. You see the results they give and you notice how your clients appreciate them. Then, it is in itself sufficient for you to continue to speak well of them and thus attract more people to use them.


An Absurdity

Companies do not just want you to be a believer. They want you to ONLY work with that particular company's products. Nothing else! Well, that´s obvious that companies want you to work full time with just their products, to get as much as possible for the company's and your own part.

Being forced to be locked into one single business is in my opinion absurd. That would actually mean you would not be able to have another job in addition to your networking activities. How many of you did not start your business in network marketing as an extra income in addition to your regular job? Most people will never have Network Marketing as their only source of income. Consequently, you can obviously not be prohibited to have different network activities running simultaneously. Never sign a contract that will make you serfs! It is always valid. So read the fine print carefully.

However, naturally increases your chances of success and be successful if you are able to focus on one activity and not split your efforts.

Your Why

We all have different reasons why we started our Network Operations. It may be lifestyle? Becoming Economic independence? Because of the products you found. How much you want to work. Or maybe, just because it is so much fun! The reasons can be many. Make your WHY clear to yourself - then it becomes easier to see your GOALS.

Learn from others - Create Your Success

To improve yourself at what you do, it is common practice to study how others do. So it is in all types of work. If you do not - you will fall behind. Therefore, I recommend you to study how other companies in Network Marketing are doing. But remember. Continue with the procedures that are already proven to be good. Look for the good in others and consider how you can use it to get even better. That's how progress is made.

Promote yourself on the best way to peak your results!

You may also find that in some cases it is possible to combine different activities in a very fruitful way. You must always advertise your business in some way. Do it where it is most effective and least costly. It will make your business successful!

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