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Pyramids There are different kinds of

I am sure you have heard many times: "what kind of pyramid is this?", "no, I do not join any kind of pyramid" or some other objection as soon as they hear that you are working with MLM or network marketing.

I think it's important to make this clear from the very beginning. MLM and Network Marketing that we talk about and are involved in, ARE LEGAL MODELS OF MARKETING. To see that, it´s important to know which requirements there are to make it legal.

Lou Abbot has made a video that clearly explains the difference between legal and illegal pyramids. It is important that you understand the characteristics of the two types and the additional requirements there are to make marketing in the form of MLM legal. Watch the video - Get it explained.

Thanks Lou Abbot for the excellent video.

The most common form of pyramid is normal companies, organisations and authorities. That is to say things that we deal with on a daily basis. There is nothing strange with that.